מדיניות שוויונית

Equality Policy Department

The actions of the Equality Policy Department (EPD) are based on the premise that the cause of the gaps between Arabs and Jews in Israel is the unequal distribution of state resources including budgets, land and services. Even though the laws are generally egalitarian, government policy distributes the resources unequally resulting in extreme inequality.

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Equality Zones project

The Equality Zones project was engendered by the awareness that advancing equality between the Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel also requires equal allocations at the regional level.

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Shared Public Space

Shared Public Space (SPS)

The Shared Public Space (SPS) project seeks to substantially increase the presence of the language, culture and symbols of the Arab citizens of Israel in the public space in Israel. The almost total exclusion of the Arab citizens from the public space in Israel is one of the main barriers to building an equal, democratic and shared society between the Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel.

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Shared Jewish–Arab Regional Tourism (SRT): A Sikkuy Initiative

This project advances shared “peace tourism” with the goal of expanding awareness of the unique tourism resources in the Arab communities in Israel along with local economic development in the Galilee and Wadi Ara. It will encourage encounters between Jews and Arabs and development of the tourism potential of the Arab towns and cities. In this project Sikkuy facilitates Jewish-Arab cooperation for shared regional tourism development with an emphasis on substantially reducing the tourism infrastructure gaps in the Arab communities.

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Past Projects