Support Sikkuy

Sikkuy needs your support in order to advance an equal and shared society.
With each donation we get one step closer to equality.
You can make a secure online donation by credit card via PayPal.

 You can also choose one of the following options to make a donation: 

Tax recognized donations in the U.S.A. can be made via P.E.F. – Israel Endowment Funds Inc. To make your donation, please make the check payable to – P.E.F. – Israel Endowment Funds Inc., recommend the donation for Sikkuy, and send it to:

630 Third Avenue, Suite 1501
New York, NY 10017

P.E.F. will authorize the donation, forward it to Sikkuy (no service charge) and send the donor a receipt.

or you can make your donation directly to us in Israel:

17 Hameshoreret Rachel

Jerusalem 96348

If you would like further information about contributing to Sikkuy please contact:

Carl Perkal
Director of Resource Development

Thanks in advance for you support.

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