Sikkuy - The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equalit (R.A)

Public Affairs Department

The media are crucial for equality and Jewish-Arab partnership. We connect with the Israeli public,
Jewish and Arab, via multiple media channels and produce content and messaging to support Sikkuy
activities, with new initiatives for greater Arab presence in Hebrew-language media

More on Public Affairs Department

The Public Affairs Department is responsible for all public outreach and media-related aspects of Sikkuy’s work. The department was created to harness the media and public discourse to advance progress toward equality and partnership between Arab and Jewish citizens. To that end, we employ a variety of media tools and channels, including both traditional and new media. Through spokesmanship and social media messaging, the department strives to support all of Sikkuy’s work, its goals of equality and shared society and its various advocacy initiatives and activities in the field.

The department is also responsible for organizational positioning that reflects the public stature of Sikkuy as a leader in the quest for positive social change: reducing disparities between Jews and Arabs, promoting the rights of Arab society in Israel, creating public campaigns, and publicizing responses to government policy positions vis-à-vis Arab citizens.

In addition, the department operates its own projects to expand the representation of Arab experts in the Hebrew media and improve media coverage of Arab society overall. These projects utilize innovative methods to monitor media output for fair representation, while enlisting the participation of a range of opinion leaders in Arab society who are rarely heard from. Accurate big data combined with a reliable supply of highly qualified potential Arab interviewees is proving persuasive at the top echelons of the major media as to the value of greater diversity, particularly broader representation for Arab society, in the mainstream Israeli media.

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