Sikkuy - The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality (R.A)

Edan Ring is co-director of Sikkuy’s ‘Department for a Shared Society’ and project manager of a program promoting the representation of Arab citizens and Arab society in mainstream media. He is a former director of Sikkuy’s Public Affairs Department and also served as Sikkuy’s spokesman during his tenure as deputy director of social and political clients at Unik, a media consultancy firm. In addition, Idan advises a long list of human rights organizations, philanthropic foundations and political organizations, and supports various public struggles, crises and campaigns. In the past, he was an editor and writer for Ha’aretz and a cultural critic in various media outlets. .He holds a BA in History and Computer Science and an MA in Latin American History. Edan lives in Herzliya with his partner, Ardith, and their two children.

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