Gov’t assailed for underrepresentation of Arabs, Muslims

Orly Halpern, The Jerusalem Post, 9.01.06

Arabs, including Druse, make up 20% of the population. However, even as their numbers rise, their representation in government positions does not reflect it – despite government resolutions for affirmative action.

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Still discriminated against

Ali Haider, Haaretz, 21.12.05

The government is ignoring the Knesset’s legislation pertaining to the representation of Arabs in the civil service

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Delegation: Improve Israeli Arabs’ Status

Gil Sedan, jewishjournal, 14.10.05

A small group of American Jewish leaders that came to Israel recently is determined to put the issue of Israel's Arab minority higher on the American Jewish agenda.

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AJCommittee guests hold controversial meeting with Umm al-Fahm mayor

Amiram Barkat, Haaretz, 14.09.05

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From them, we’re not disengaging

Shuli Dichter, Ynet, 8.08.05

Why, after 58 years, is Shfar’am considered enemy territory? The legitimization of shooting Arab citizens as a political provocation or to disperse a demonstration stems from their exclusion from the Israeli public and their designation as enemies

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Time to rescue the discourse

Ali Haider, Haaretz, 5.07.05

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It’s time to disengage from discrimination too

Shuli Dichter, Haaretz, 2.05.05

Plans for developing the periphery must be unified to include both Jews and Arabs

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Wadi Ara mayors plan trade zone

Eli Ashkenazi, Haaretz, 30.06.04

"The courage of those people is admirable," said Shuli Dichter, co-director of the Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality in Israel (Sikkuy), in reference to four local council heads - Jews and Arabs - from the Wadi Ara area.

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A good neighbor program for Jews and Arabs

ISRAEL21c staff ,, 16.05.04

Shuli Dichter, Sikkuy’s co-director, shows a map of the Wadi Ara area to a group of residents. The organization is attempting to create a shared regional industrial zone in the area.The relationship between the Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel

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Share and share alike

Shuli Dichter, Haaretz, 18.11.03

World Jewry has the ability to help to achieve equality between Jewish and Arab citizens - even healthy ones - through an equitable allocation of contributions to infrastructures.

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