Beware demographic hysteria

Shuli Dichter, Ynet, 15.05.06

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Not enough

Ali Haider, Ma’ariv, 12.03.06

Ali Haider is not satisfied with the government’s recognition of the importance of advancing the Arabs and is demanding to see actual results on the ground

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The Herzliya Conference for delegitimization

Shalom Dichter, Haaretz, 24.01.06

We must put aside the delusions of ethnic purity in Israel

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Don’t vote for racism

Shuli Dichter, Ynet, 15.01.06

All of the party leaders should put their hand on their heart, take a good look at themselves in the mirror and ask whether their party is in favor of equality in resource allocation regardless of religion, race or ethnic affiliation

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Still discriminated against

Ali Haider, Haaretz, 21.12.05

The government is ignoring the Knesset’s legislation pertaining to the representation of Arabs in the civil service

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From them, we’re not disengaging

Shuli Dichter, Ynet, 8.08.05

Why, after 58 years, is Shfar’am considered enemy territory? The legitimization of shooting Arab citizens as a political provocation or to disperse a demonstration stems from their exclusion from the Israeli public and their designation as enemies

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Time to rescue the discourse

Ali Haider, Haaretz, 5.07.05

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It’s time to disengage from discrimination too

Shuli Dichter, Haaretz, 2.05.05

Plans for developing the periphery must be unified to include both Jews and Arabs

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Share and share alike

Shuli Dichter, Haaretz, 18.11.03

World Jewry has the ability to help to achieve equality between Jewish and Arab citizens - even healthy ones - through an equitable allocation of contributions to infrastructures.

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The Bottom Line / Shameful

Nehemia Strasler, Haaretz, 15.07.03

The grim report shows the Jewish majority projecting an ugly and shameful image and clearly shows that discrimination exists in every field the study examined. This is one of the factors behind the poverty and the crisis in the Arab community.

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