Dismissal for narrative reasons

Ron Gerlitz, The Times of Israel, 31.10.14

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The backlash against Arab integration

Ron Gerlitz, 19.08.14

Arab-Jewish relations in Israel are deteriorating. Since the start of the war in the Gaza Strip, there has been a dramatic rise in the number and the seriousness of attacks against Israeli Arabs. Ron Gerlitz offers explanation for this outburst of anti-Arab bigotry.

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Why Palestinian citizens of Israel are no longer safe

Ron Gerlitz, 13.08.14

Despite institutionalized discrimination, in recent years Palestinian citizens of Israel have increasingly integrated into the economy, political life, academia and general society. The nature of the current assault on Israeli-Arabs launched from both the Knesset and the street is, in fact, a reaction to this integration.

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The Gaza effect: In shaky economy, Arab businesses hit hardest


Relations between Jews and Arab in Israel have rarely been as strained as in the past month, during which the allegiance of Israeli Arabs has been called into question.

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Not just escalation: A frightening new era of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel

Ron Gerlitz, 18.07.14

Attacks by Jewish hooligans on Arabs, unprecedented incitement by right-wing politicians and clashes between Israeli Police and Arab youth. We’ve been here before, but never like this.

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Jewish Israelis have no monopoly on victimhood and pain

Alaa Hamdan, 14.07.14

We must be as passionate for reconciliation between Israel’s Jewish and Palestinian Arab citizens as those within both our societies who seek to widen the divide between us.

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A city of 21,000 with one bus line that makes 62 trips a day


A report by the Knesset Research and Information Center, which was published on Monday, June 21, reveals grim news about public transportation in Arab communities.

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How Israeli Arabs can achieve a just distribution of resources


Industrial zones are erected right next to Arab communities, but great care is always taken to retain them within the jurisdiction of Jewish communities, funneling property taxes to the latter.

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The correlation between Arab economic power and attacks by the Right

Ron Gerlitz, 972+, 28.03.14

If Arabs were still solely manual laborers in Israel’s economy, right-wing MKs would not be rushing to do everything possible to oust them from the labor force, strip them of their political representation and, ultimately, their citizenship.

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Arab literature is also Israeli

Chassia Chomski-Porat and Azar Dakwar, Haaretz, 28.02.14

Adding a special category for a work in Arabic to the Sapir prize would be a step toward expanding Israel's literary space so that it includes everyone.

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