Does equality stand a chance?

Ron Gerlitz, The Times of Israel, 4.02.14

The relations between the Arab citizens of Israel and the State of Israel and the relations between the Arab citizens of Israel and Israel’s Jewish citizens are difficult and fraught.

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For Arab citizens, Israeli government suffers from split personality

Ron Gerlitz, 972+, 16.12.13

Ten years after the Or Commission was formed to investigate the deaths of 13 Arabs protesters at the hands of Israeli police, the government is taking contradictory steps toward implementing its findings.

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48 Human Beings were Massacred—and We Have Forgotten Them

Shirley Racah and Abed Kannaneh, 972+, 3.11.13

When a country accepts responsibility for such a significant event in its past, one might expect it to erect a monument to the victims, to sponsor the annual memorial ceremony and to honor the memory of those murdered rather than leave the matter to the families left behind, as if it were their problem alone.

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Discrimination against Israeli Arabs still rampant, 10 years on

Ron Gerlitz and Jabir Asaqla, Haaretz, 2.10.13

Ten years after report on October 2000 riots, in which 13 were killed, the state has failed to implement antidiscrimination measures that would reestablish just relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel.

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Arab-Jewish industrial parks: The last chance for economic equality?

Khalil Mari and Ronen Sabag, 972+, 23.07.13

Shared industrial parks have the potential to create local and regional growth engines that would allow Arab towns and Israel’s Arab citizens to achieve economic stability and provide a better future for the younger generation. Israel’s leadership must realize that this is not something to be taken for granted.

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Land, my land: One issue that can be resolved

Ron Gerlitz, 972+, 6.05.13

The time has come to allow ourselves to see this country not only as the battleground of a national struggle but as a shared homeland, which with painful concessions and tremendous confidence-building efforts on both sides, we can turn into a good place where our children will want to live...

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A paradise for Jews only

Toby Cohen and Hagit Naali-Joseph, The Marker, 20.02.13

We welcome any government initiative to promote public transportation, but the government ministries should take cost-benefit aspects into account and also advance the weaker populations in a fair manner

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A dangerous position

Ron Gerlitz and Batya Kallus, 972+, 19.10.12

Despite the onslaught of discriminatory legislation and racist declarations by public leaders, empirical data suggests that the government of Israel is closing the gaps between its Jewish and Arab citizens in many fields. The refusal to recognize those changes is dangerous and counter-productive.

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Next stop, in Arabic

Ron Gerlitz, Haaretz, 13.09.12

As opposed to many others, I'm actually pleased with Israel Railways. I travel by train a lot for work, and I've rarely arrived late because of it, certainly less often than would have been the case had I traveled by car. I almost always get a seat, the air conditioning is excellent, there's a table for a laptop and usually I manage to spend a productive hour on the train instead of a lost and frustrating hour in traffic jams.

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Arabs, the Israeli civil service needs you

Ali Haider, Haaretz, 16.08.12

It recently became clear that the government will not meet its own target of having Israeli-Arabs comprise 10 percent of the civil service coming by the end of this year.

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