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“As Arab Citizens We Feel That Our Security Is Less Important To the State”

Hassan Shaalan, Ynet, 23.08.16

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Behind the Headlines – Democracy in Crisis? Minority Rights

Kalela Lancaster, New Israel Fund, 2.02.16

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Father Leads Drive to Get Arabic-dubbed Films Into Israeli Cinemas

Nirit Anderman, Ha'aretz, 18.01.16

Sikkuy – The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality in Israel, which helped publicize the “Minions” screenings on various social network sites, told Haaretz: “It may seem like a small step for equality, but it is also of great significance. Suddenly, the movie theaters in Kfar Sava became a shared space for Jews and Arabs, where Arabic and Arab citizens have a real and respected place. It’s also a real achievement in light of the gap in resources, because although there’s still no movie theater in Tira or any other Arab city in the area, the option of coming to see a film with the children has finally become open to thousands of families. Above all, when such a struggle succeeds, it proves there’s still hope, and that things can be changed – even in difficult times when words of hatred come from the most senior levels of government.”

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Ron Gerlitz: “Yes, the racist extreme right is afraid. They would like the Arabs to go back to being manual laborers”

Rotem Shtarkman & Lior Detel, TheMarker, 23.10.15

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Israel’s Jews and Arabs Must Overcome Mutual Fear

New Israel Fund, 16.10.15

Interview with Rawnak Natour

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UK Task Force interview: Sikkuy


Interview with Ali Haider and Ron Gerlitz, Co-Executive Directors of Israel NGO, Sikkuy

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From Barriers to Opportunities – 4.8.2010


The 2010 Sikkuy conference. Mapping the barriers and policy recommendations.

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sikkuy equality index – November 18th 2009


Press conference which was held on November 18th 2009. The years pass and the gaps widen - Sikkuy Association reveals the equality index between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel.

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