Israeli Towns Move to Ban Arab Workers From Schools

Yarden Skop, Ha'aretz, 18.10.15

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All the new appointments that you should know about – Rawnak Natour

TheMarker, 29.09.15

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Israeli Universities Still Failing Arab Students When It Comes to Inclusion

Yarden Scop, Ha'aretz, 27.09.15

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Tali Heruti-Sover, TheMarker Magazin, 3.09.15

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Arabs flock, but not to the Civil Service

Gil Kelian, Calcalist, 19.08.15

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Criticism of absence of Arab representative on the search committee for the president of Haifa University

Yarden Skop, 18.08.15

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Arabs in Wadi Ara warn: “If it won’t be good for us, it won’t be good for you, and that’s not a threat”

Tali Heruti-Sover, Ha'aretz, 3.04.15

The residents of Umm al-Fahm get stuck in a traffic jam every morning when they leave the city - In nearby Ara-Arara there are no buses - Both towns suffer from a shortage of daycare centers, and hope that someday industrial zones will be built there - Meanwhile they can only envy the investment in Jewish communities

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The Sad Truth in Bennett’s Claim About Rampant Crime in Arab Towns

Don Futterman, Ha'aretz, 5.03.15

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Haifa Theater Arablanguage ads riddled with mistakes

Noa Shpigel, Ha'aretz, 26.02.15

A Sikkuy activist said “last year the festival’s Internet site appeared to have been translated into Arabic, but in fact they only added a translated file from the festival pamphlet, which consisted of mistakes and erroneous information. The material distributed in schools and kindergartens also had translation mistakes.”

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Protests against exclusion of Arabs in child welfare conference win out

Shirly Seidler, Ha'aretz, 10.02.15

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