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A position paper on public transportation in Arab communities submitted to the Knesset subcommittee on public transportation

Reaserch & Writing: Sikkuy Equality Policy Department
Date of Publication: 14.02.16

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Infographics: Fair representation through government tenders

Reaserch & Writing: Nitzan Tenami
Date of Publication: 5.08.15

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Arabic Language in the Public Sphere in Israel: The Academic Campus and Beyond

Date of Publication: 15.12.14

Dirasat, the Arab Center for Law and Policy (an Arab organization), The Van Leer Institute (a Jewish organization) and Sikkuy: The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality (an Arab-Jewish organization) have established a strategic partnership in order to expand the presence of Arabic language in the academic public space shared by Arabs and Jews. Through work in this influential setting we will reach two key target groups (Arabs and Jews) and will also be well placed to expand this model to other public spaces in Israel. The initial two and a half year phase of the project will primarily target four universities however some of the activities will extend to Israel’s entire system of higher education.

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Representation of Arab Citizens in the Institutions of Higher Education In Israel

Reaserch & Writing: Dr. Nohad Ali
Date of Publication: 12.11.13

This is an innovative and comprehensive study designed to provide an accurate and up to date picture of the representation of Arab citizens in Israel's eight universities. The study, which is basically descriptive, examines the representation of Arab citizens among the students, faculty and administration, as well as among .members of the governing bodies This study constitutes the infrastructure for a future study being planned by Sikkuy designed to examine the barriers to fair representation of the Arab minority in the institutions of higher education in Israel, and ways to overcome and breach these .barriers

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Who’s in Favor of Equality?

Who's in Favor of Equality? Reaserch & Writing: Nohad Ali and Shai Inbar
Editing: Ron Gerlitz and Yasmine Halevi
Date of Publication: 7.09.11

Equality between Arabs and Jews in Israel: Summary of an Opinion Survey

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A message from the co-executive directors: עברית