Sikkuy - The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality

Sikkuy is a shared organization of Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel who have dedicated themselves to advancing equality and partnership, in all spheres and at all levels, between Palestinian Arab citizens and Jewish citizens of Israel.
Sikkuy has been working since 1991 to effect change in government ministries, public agencies, local authorities and among the general public, to promote far-reaching changes in government policies toward Arab citizens and create a new reality of a shared and equal society.

Sikkuy is managed jointly by Jews and Arabs working together to achieve their commitment to equality and partnership, including in the conduct of work and decision making within Sikkuy. Sikkuy’s board of directors has two co-chairs, Professor Muhammad Amara and Avirama Golan; the organization is managed by two co-executive directors, Amjad Shbita and Ofer Dagan; and the various departments and projects utilize the same model of joint management. Sikkuy’s agenda and activities reflect the candid and ongoing dialogue between Arab and Jewish members of the staff and the board, who are all from the mainstream of their own societies and bring with them a broad range of outlooks and worldviews.

Sikkuy brings two primary approaches to its goal of transforming the longstanding inequality and discrimination toward Arab citizens. The first is to advance government policies that will guarantee the equal allocation of state resources to Arab citizens. To this end the Equality Policy Department focuses on the elimination of discriminatory policies and the promotion of government investment in planning and housing in Arab local authorities, public transportation, infrastructure, employment, education, social welfare and more. Since 2015, the department has been involved in advancing successful implementation of Government Decision 922 for the reduction of inequities in the allocation of resources to Arab society, and continues to work intensively to advance its full implementation.

Our second approach is through working to advance a shared society along with shared public space based on equality, trust and mutual respect between Jews and Arabs. The Department for Shared Society promotes an equal presence in the public space for the language, culture, history, the Palestinian narrative and identity, of the Arab citizens as an indigenous, national, Palestinian minority. Projects address shared public space, promotion of education for shared society, eradication of racist manifestations in public spaces, and the development of shared regional tourism. In addition to the work of the Department for Shared Society, Sikkuy’s Public Affairs Department is operating a highly successful project to promote equal representation of Arab citizens in the Hebrew language mainstream media, via weekly monitoring of Arab citizens’ presence on television and radio, and via persuasive public and professional advocacy targeting influential figures and senior decision makers in the media. One major tool in this sphere of work that deepens our influence and increases our efficiency is the methodological procedures of projects’ evaluation and assessment. This contributes to developing an organizational culture of learning. For more details on Sikkuy’s approach and tools of evaluation and assessment – click here.

Our conviction at Sikkuy is that the way to assure a better future for all the citizens of this country lies in our ability to build a shared and equal society for Jewish and Arab citizens – and we believe we have the capacity to succeed in this mission.


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